IVF Children's Book


An IVF story book and heartfelt keepsake for every parent and child to cherish.

A poetic children’s book, teamed with beautiful artwork that and gives a non-technical overview of the IVF process, from a child-like, story-telling perspective.

With emotion and light-heartedness, its themes are ones that parents, whatever their circumstances can relate too; sadness, hope, persistence, patience.

The book’s aim is to: –

  • Be an easy reference for parents to convey to their children;
  • Create understanding of the path and emotions parents willingly take (especially women);
  • Educate and empower against any stigma around IVF, through understanding;
  • Re-affirm love and the greatness of love; before and beyond life; and
  • Give appreciation to the professionals in the fertility industry; medical, hospital, gynaecology, obstetrics, maternity, doctors, nurses and so forth

It is an easy read that resonates with mums, dads and their baby of all ages.


The writer in progress, a poet, a business partner, a wife, a mother, enough and much more – and now an author.  Tara originates from Waltzing Matilda Country (Outback Queensland) and now resides on the Darling Downs.  Tara is an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) mum, has completed her MBA through CQU and enjoys business, travel to new places, and writing in a variety of genres, with additional works in progress.




An artist, a mother, a grandmother, a business manager, enough and much more – and now an illustrator.  Joy’s inspired illustrations stem from a continuing artistic passion in painting, with works on display in a number of galleries across South-East Queensland and various awards under her belt.  Joy’s preferred mediums are unlimited, but inclusive of pen and ink, oils and acrylic art forms.  Joy is also a Bachelor of Business (Major Accounting) Graduate from CQU.


Book Reviews

I have both family and friends who have walked this journey and this beautiful picture book is a fabulous way to explain to a much loved, dreamed of child born with the help of IVF, the big question – where did I come from? Well done Tara Mitchell and your illustrator Joy Holt on this delightful and very helpful picture book. “Its purpose is to give IVF parents an easy reference for their children, and re-affirm their love – & the greatness of love – before and beyond life.” https://www.specialmebook.com/

Maggie DentAustralian Author, Educator & Mum

So many people I know (including myself) have had to follow the ivf path to have their babies. It’s a long, hard, emotional road but one that we would walk over and over in order to hold that sweet baby in our arms. I love that there are now resources such as this beautiful picture book to help our little ones understand their special journey into this world. Even more special is that this book was written by a friend of mine.

KateMum & Blogger; Peaceful Parenting & Confident Kids

The girls were very excited to receive copies of the Special Me book. A gorgeous book to explain this special process in a way kids can understand. Well done Joy and Tara. Thank you.

Peta GauldIVF Mum